I sustainable events, marketing and communication


NGO to International Cooperation - offering sustainable, creative and empowering solutions with organisational and client needs at its core. From creative brainstormings and facilitation, planning an events or worldwide conference, to key marketing communication in a responsible way.

Projects and cases are based on over 10 years of practical experience within the sector, but also theoretical background with a MSc in Business Psychology from the University of South Wales and a B.A. of Media, Social and Economic Communication at the Universität der Künste Berlin. 

Currently working on my Doctorate in Sustainability and Business at the Universität Potsdam researching the implementation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within the cultural and creative sector in Germany and the United Kingdom. 

Furthermore I have launched a network in 2019 together with a colleague in Germany. More information  Netzwerk Kultur und Agenda 2030





- Netzwerk Kultur und Agenda 2030 to host 4th meeting  We finally meet for our next meeting on September 4th, outside the Gropius Bau Berlin - check our website for details

- Summer School on Green Business & Sustainability I take part in the 10 day virtual meeting at Uni Köln. Conference programm and link in photo.

- #RNEonline Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung This year I joined the conference on 10th June online. All information available when you press the photo link.

- Berlinale Social Bus and Netzwerk Kultur und Agenda 2030 My colleague Ralf and me moderated a session on green filming and green culture on 26th Febuary (photo link).




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